Character of the Week: Vrana

Posted by Hubertus on June 29, 2012 at 9:20 PM

So, for those who haven't been paying attention to the BZPRPG recently, Vrf3, or Pyrrhon as he is currentlly know as, has returned in ... a rather quiet way. This may have contributed to the fact that this week's character of the week is Vrana, who made the bird-Toa thing cool before the Mystix. He also has no real past. Rather clichéd, but it works, for how does one explain where a bird-Toa thing comes from?

Anyway, supposedly Vrana was a protector of Ga-Koro, like Batman or something, which makes sense, as Vrana is a bird-Toa thingymajiggy. Except maybe he should be 'Birdman' instead, like that alien creature in Macross Zero. But yeah, you guys should get my meaning. He seems to be similar to the Dark Knight, and protected Ga-Koro like Batman protected Gotham.

His superhero protector time however, ended when he met Cadias and Navayak, and went off with them on random adventures around the island, which was in fashion at the time. But our hero's adventure sadly came to an end, when he got into a spat with Cadias, which ended with the aforementioned Toa burning off Vrana's wings.

This probably lead to some angsting, and he returned to Ga-Koro to look for help. But because he was like Batman, he found absolutely no help, and began to nurse suicidal thoughts. He didn't try to drown himself or kill himself in a myriad of ways though, so he didn't really go through with his ideas of committing suicide.

He met up with Cadias once more, and now, he is attempting to work out his issues with the Toa.

I recommend a relationship counselor.

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