News Update #11

Posted by BioBeast on July 18, 2012 at 3:45 PM

Hey guys, I managed to kick the darn website enough, and now it remembers me.  Sorry there's been no updates recently, Hubert, Onarax, and Krayzikk have either all been very busy, or just been very lazy.

Alright, been kinda a slow week, so I'll just cover the main things that I've missed.

  • Emotia and Tillian finally got married.
  • Tillian got killed.  Again.  Well not exactly killed, seeing as Tyler just can't seem to let that guy die, but...  Let's just say that he should be dead.
  • Tillian got his mark removed, and transfered to Nikarra.
  • Ko-Koro was blown up.
  • Ko-Koro citizens were kidnapped and are now being held for ransom.
  • The ILS have decided to head to Ko-Koro and help out the residents.
  • The Mark Bearer plot has started picking up yet again.

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