The Return of the Status Update

Posted by Onarax on May 5, 2014 at 11:35 AM

Hello Folks!

Long time no see. It seems that the unimaginable has occured, the status update has returned. For like a day only probably, but still. Anyhow long story short the podcast has finally returned, and yesterday I assisted in recording that episode. Season 2 Episode 1 features the lovely voices of Krayzikk(The Snark Knight) and Tyler(Marlon Brando), we also have special guest Mask(Nia Teppelin). 

Oh and I was there too. Regardless Krayzikk and Tyler will be your hosts for the rest of the season, unless I end up sticking around through some miracle. Hubert may also be joining into a few episodes again. So yeah, look forward to seeing that episode come out soon. Most likely sometime this week. 

We haven't exactly worked out a schedule yet, so I can't tell you when the next one may be coming, but the wait shouldn't be as long. We're working through some major changes for the podcast, in addition to some possibly new segments. 

Well that's all folks! See you all soon.


P.S. Yes I know no one reads this anymore. This is essentially just self-gratification. 

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