Character of the Week: Tank

Posted by BioBeast on June 22, 2012 at 7:40 PM

This week we have Tank, Toa of Sand who bears the Mark of Pain.

Tank woke up in Po-Wahi with the Mark of Pain on his arm, a Mark that absorbs pain and turns it into strength. After being taken in by two doctors his Mark ended up taking control, and he killed them slowly and painfully against his will. Ashamed and fearful of his Mark, he fled to Ga-Wahi, residing in the jungle for a couple days.


After running out of supplies, Tank was forced to go into Ga-Koro where his Mark activated on its own, causing him to strike down a Ga-Matoran. Leaving her broken body in the streets Tank went back to his hut, collected his things, and in search for answers, left Ga-Wahi.


Upon arriving in Ta-Koro, he spoke with two Toa about the Mark, just in time for Kinvex and Tuara to bring Utu into the fortress village.


Tank, desperate for answers, got a chance to speak with Utu, who promised to help him control his Mark; providing Tank freed him from his prison cell. Tank knocked out Tuara, overpowered Kinvex, and before the Guard could react brought Utu from his cell. The two fought their way to the gates where they were stopped. Their backs against the gates, and the lava river in between them and freedom, Tank struck a deal with the Guardsman Dren.


Dren agreed to place them temporarily in a cell until Vakama could speak to the pair. Tank talked to Vakama who decided they could assume the mission of capturing other Bearers and bringing them back to Ta-Koro. They were to be accompanied by Tuara and a Toa who apparently knew about another Bearer in Ga-Wahi who ended up to be Dorian.


The group after picking up Dorian, continued on their way towards Ga-Koro. On the way, the group was ambushed by Yuru who joined them after a brief fight. In the chaos of more Bearers joining them, Kinvex and Dorian both died.


The group after splitting temporarily, moved to Ko-Wahi, where Tank and Utu went to Utu's old village. They were attacked by Kearrstrun, a Toa of sonics that claimed to be Arekule's assistant, after the journal he left behind by mistake.


After meeting with Dorian and the others in Ko-Koro, a popular consensus was that Tank was Arekule himself, bearing many similarities with the creator of the Mark Bearers. Kearrstrun later dismissed this, claiming Arekule died, and everybody else was going to die too; should they think too much about the Marks.


The group went to Ga-Koro again, Utu planning to crash Tillian and Emotia's wedding. While in a bar, Tank convinced Yuru to kill Utu in return for leadership.


Utu, taken by surprise, was cut, beaten, stabbed, and poisoned before being launched into the Ga-Wahi bay.


The body lost, there was no way to take the Mark of Fear from Utu. Tank looked to Kearrstrun for a possible solution. Kearrstrun led the group and the next Mark Bearer candidate; Skyra, to a lab of Arekule's hidden underground.


There they branded Skyra with krilactum, and various other chemicals in the form of the Mark of Fear.


They're currently in the lab, discussing what's next.

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