History of the Podcast

The Podcast first began in April of 2012 when, while reading the blog (On the BZPRPG Wiki) of Bzpower member Kughii, Onarax noticed Kughii's idea of a Podcast. Thinking that it would be cool idea, Onarax made a comment about it. Shortly after, Biobeast and Hubert both began to comment about the podcast. A day later Onarax created a blog post, and so it was that the BZPRPG Podcast was born.

This is what was considered Season One of the BZPRPG Podcast. After a relatively successful fifteen episodes episodes, both Onarax and Hubert had to take a break due to time constraints. Hence the two of them stepped down, and granted control of the podcast to frequent co-host sub-ins, Krayzikk and Tyler. 

However time constraints and growing commitments meant that even Krayzikk and Tyler lacked the free time to fully commit to a new podcast episodes. Unfortunately this meant a stagnation in new episodes. While other podcasts were ran by other members, the BZPRPG Podcast remained on hiatus. This lasted for a span of nearly 2 years, until May 4th 2014, when a new episode was recorded. 

This was Season 2 of the BZPRPG Podcast. This time the primary hosts would be Tyler and Krayzikk, however due to a freeing up in schedules both Hubert and Onarax regained the time to assist in new episodes. Season 2 Episode 1 should realize sometime soon, and the BZPRPG Podcast will be officially live again. 


 Current Podcast Members 

Krayzikk - Originally brought on the fill in for Onarax, Krayzikk quickly became an integral part of the BZPRPG Podcast, assisting not only as a host, but also in providing news. In Season One, Krayzikk assisted as co-host for many episodes, whenever Onarax was running low on free time. Currently Krayzikk is one of the main hosts of Season Two, and responsible for scheduling and planning out each episode. 

Tyler - Another member brought on to fill in for missing co-hosts, Tyler too became a large part of the BZPRPG Podcast. An prolific RP'er and an integral part of the BZPRPG, Tyler's input on different subjects is greatly appreciated. In Season Two, Tyler is one of the main hosts, and handles much of the actual discussion. 

Onarax - A founding member of the BZPRPG Podcast. Onarax was the other main co-host and ran the website where the episodes were posted. He'd also provide weekly status updates to inform others of the status on each episodes release. His most important job however, was his handling of the interview section, where he'd interview an RP'er for a Podcast segment. Currently Onarax continues to the run the site, and has assisted in hosting for the first episode of Season Two. He also handles the recording of each episode. 

Hubert - A founding member of the BZPRPG Podcast. Hubert was one of the co-hosts and was responsible for the editing and uploading of each episode. His manly voice was a major selling point for Season One. Currently Hubert is still handling the editing process, and is very likely to continue hosting. 

Retired Staff

Biobeast - One of the founding members of the first season of the BZPRPG Podcast, Biobeast would function as primarily the information gather. In addition he ran a character of the week segment and weekly news updates on the site. The new Biobeast gathered would be the key to discussion on the podcast. Unfortunately real life and less free time led to Biobeast having to step down. 

Kal Grochi - The Podcast's original music man. He provided the sound for the podcast intro in Season One.